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lexa luna studio is a Filipina-American owned ceramics, illustration, & tarot studio created by Alexa Villanueva.

Harnessing her education and experience as an Interior Designer and Museum studies with her passion for handmade products, Alexa creates artistic offerings that explore the intersections of rituals, cycles of the moon, and motherhood.

As a tarot reader, Alexa’s goal is to provide empowerment and healing through one-onone readings with her clients. She is endlessly in awe of the mirror that tarot presents us with, and how it allows us to visualize our past, present, and future in gentle, yet powerful ways.

In 2020, Alexa created The Future Ancestor Tarot which is now distributed worldwide. In 2022, she released the Future Ancestor Companion Book, a book she wrote while pregnant with her daughter that is filled with rituals and poetry that encourage readers to gently dive deeper into each card.

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Queer & Dear – Saltstone Ceramics Gallery 2020
Window – Orcas Paley 2020
The Feels – Axis Gallery 2021
Daydream Doodle – Orcas Paley 2022

Select Clients

Archipelago Restaurant
Perinatal Support Washington